Edson Vision Series Mounting Plate - Garmin 18-24" HD, xHD, HD+ 4kW Radar Domes

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Garmin Mounting Plate for 18" and amp 24" HD, xHD, HD+ 4kW Radar domes

With Edson's Vision Series Mounting System, you can select your desired Mounting Plate to best fit your electronics. Edson's 68520 Vision Series Mounting Plate is designed for Garmin 18 and 24 Radar Domes (GMR Fantom 18, GMR Fantom 24, GMR 18 HD+, GMR 18 xHD, and amp GRM 24 xHD). and nbsp


Mounting Plates are required to complete an Edson Vision Series Mounting System. and nbsp

Base mounts sold separately